Me, looking fabulous!

Greetings hikers, backpackers and nomadic souls! Welcome to Hiking O’Hara, my name is Jen and I am a soon-to-be long distance backpacker.

I have wanted to backpack since I was 18 (20 long years ago!) but somehow never got around to it. So, now at the grand young age of 38, I’m about to start.

I have all of my kit (mostly, just need to wait for my new sleep mat to arrive), I have a start date (it will vary depending on when the new sleep mat arrives), and I have a burning desire to see the world!

My initial plan, seeing as I’ve never actually backpacked before and I’m not in the greatest of shapes, is to start slow. I live in Suffolk, so I’m going to head towards the coast at Ipswich, and then work my way North along the Suffolk Coast Way. This gives me a safety net of not being too far from home, in case it all goes pear shaped!

If everything goes to plan, I’ll keep going. My hope is to walk the entire coastline of mainland UK, with the occasional excursion inland for interesting things. There will be bumps along the road, and detours, and most likely, several breakdowns… but I am more determined than ever to actually get out there and do this. I hope that you will join my on my journey to see what amazing adventures the UK has to offer.

I will also be posting over on Distance Hiker, so be sure to check it out! There’s also the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel, so be sure to follow along on those!

See you on the trail!


Published by jenohara

I have wanted to backpack since I was 18. 20 years later, I'm finally getting to do it! Follow my journey as I take my first steps to becoming a long-distance backpacker.

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