Heat exhaustion…

Well, that didn’t go according to plan.

I started hiking the Suffolk Coast Path last week. I made it six whole miles. By then, my body hurt all over from carrying the pack, walking three miles on a shingle beach, and I’d run out of water.

Not a great start. But it gets worse. I got sick. Very sick. Puking and unable to stand-sick. By the time my house mate got to me, I was in a bad way. And all because I hadn’t planned properly and didn’t have enough water.

Lesson learnt. I tried to run before I could walk. I’m not as fit as I’d like to think I am. And my anxiety made it impossible for me to walk up to someones house and ask for help. Hell, where I finally stopped was right next to a popular car park. There were literally dozens of people right there, who would probably have helped me if I’d asked. But I didn’t. I couldn’t.

If one wants to walk a marathon, one must be able to ask for help. Definitely need to work on that anxiety.

Anyway, I’m recovered (mostly) and having to re-plan. Obviously, I have a lot of work to do, before I can manage a long distance hike. But that’s ok. This isn’t an end. It’s a lesson.

Published by jenohara

I have wanted to backpack since I was 18. 20 years later, I'm finally getting to do it! Follow my journey as I take my first steps to becoming a long-distance backpacker.

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