January update

Even though this blog didn’t exist, I did do my measurements on January 1st, so figured I’d do an update on everything.

Lets start with body measurements:

Over bust: was 118cm now 117cm

Underbust: was 102cm now 101cm

Waist: was 110cm now 109cm

Hips: was 135cm now 134cm

Left bicep: 37cm no change

Right bicep: 37cm no change

Left thigh: 79cm no change

Right thigh: 79cm no change

No huge differences, 1cm lost on each of my body measurements, nothing on my limbs. But that could just as easily be due to eating less salt, or hormones or something.

Weight is a little trickier, as I don’t have scales in the van. I did weigh in at the gym on the 6th January, at 113kg (which is basically 250lb or 17 stone 12lb). I’ll weigh in again next time I go somewhere with a scales. I know this won’t be the most accurate way to track my weight, i.e not the same day of the week or time or day, but its the best I can manage, and the reason for all the measurements.

I’m also doing progress pics, but honestly? I don’t want to share those right now. I hate how I look in them, I hate my body right now, so posting those pics won’t help me. Maybe in a couple of months when there’s visible progress, but not yet.

So, here’s to February. Hopefully, there’ll be more progress, more fun, more finding my joy. Wish me luck!

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