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Week 2: Food aversion

Food aversion sucks. Like, completely!

I was chugging along quite comfortably, and then had a day where I just couldn’t face eating anything. Specifically, the thought of eating meat and/or fats made me soooo nauseous. That first day, I forced myself to eat. I had some bacon, and some corned beef… but that was it.

The next day was worse. So much nausea. So, I followed some advice from Carnivorous Me, and just didn’t eat. I fasted. For 24 hours. I was hungry, but anytime I thought about eating, the nausea came back.

It was just under 24 hours before my hunger overrode the nausea, and I actually managed to eat some burgers and bacon. It’s definitely not been as bad since then, but I definitely still get a bit of it.

On top of that, I made the mistake of trying some Pork Puffs, halloumi, and avocado, all on the same day (yesterday). So, now I don’t know which item is responsible for the insane itching I’ve been experiencing, the horrible heartburn that kept me awake most of the night, or the diarrhoea I woke up to.

Needless to say, I will be purely meat for the next couple of days, and then will try one of those foods at a time, to figure out what I reacted to. I think the itching is from the Pork Puffs, specifically, I think it’s the yeast in them. There’s only three ingredients, pork, salt and yeast. And I don’t have an issue (that I know of) with pork or salt. The itching started before I had dinner, which included the halloumi and avocado.

The dairy is probably responsible for the heartburn and the diarrhoea. I’ve generally been avoiding dairy for years, and had every intention of re-introducing it SLOWLY. But yeah, that didn’t happen.

Other than those issues, I’ve actually been feeling pretty good. I’ve had a couple days where I would almost say I felt amazing. Will keep pushing through and hope that everything else clears up.

I know I should probably go full carnivore, but I’m a pansy and can only tolerate a certain amount of discomfort at once. So, I’ll continue to reduce the non-meat foods over the next week or two, while my body is still adapting to the high-fat diet. And then, I’ll reassess.

Wish me luck folks, I think I’ll need it!

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